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My Top 10 Favorite Art Supplies!

Hey everyone! Kathleen and I do a lot of art. That’s undeniable. We have our favorite styles, mediums, and things to create. (For me that’s realism, graphite pencils, and wolf drawings. For Kath, it’s realism, acrylic paint, and bird paintings.) I’ve been hesitant to make this post for a while because I just haven’t had any… Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Art Supplies!

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Going to See the Sound of Music!

Hey everyone! So, Kathleen and I absolutely love Broadway Musicals. Newsies, Hamilton, Wicked, Les Miserables, you name it. So when the opportunity comes along to see a Broadway play, no way are we going to miss it. It just so happens that The Sound of Music is on tour and Kathleen and I managed to get tickets!… Continue reading Going to See the Sound of Music!


My Best Wolf Drawing to Date! (+ My Thoughts on Prismacolors)

Hey everyone! After I finished doing all my research for last week’s post, I was going through my panoply of art supplies when I noticed a large tin of colored pencils. I got them for a project for school several months ago and haven’t picked them back up since. The colored pencils in question are… Continue reading My Best Wolf Drawing to Date! (+ My Thoughts on Prismacolors)

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Diptych [Dip-Tik] part 2 (and our Anniversary!)

Hey everyone! Today’s the day! Exactly one year ago yesterday, Kathleen and I decided to launch the Acoustic Painters! The blog is officially one year old! We hope to be able to keep it up and running for many more years to come! In honor of our first-ever blog post about painting diptychs, Kathleen and… Continue reading Diptych [Dip-Tik] part 2 (and our Anniversary!)