Now Available: The Forbidden Territory


Hey, everyone! This is a non-scheduled post, but I have something huge to share with you. I love to write and after several years of hard work, I’ve finally published my novella, The Forbidden Territory.

Here’s the description:

TheForbiddenTerritoryKindleSixteen-year-old Skyler Frost is training to become a soldier in the Northland Army. She grew up hated and largely ignored by her father and now wants nothing more than to prove that she truly is worth something.  

Only weeks away from being initiated into the army, something she has been working towards since she was eleven, her carefully crafted plans are torn apart. She finds herself flung out of her snow-covered homeland into an ever-shifting forest in the company of a boy who may not be entirely sane. With everything from bloodthirsty dragon hybrids to tsunamis, the forest is anything but normal, and Skyler strives to escape.

The only way out is facing your greatest fear−and Skyler may not be ready for the challenge.

The Forbidden Territory is my first published book and I’m so excited to share it with you. If you’d like to purchase it from Amazon, you can do so here.

That’s all for now! Keep on the lookout for new books!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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