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Visiting the Denver Art Museum

Hey everyone! Last weekend, Kathleen and I were visiting family in Colorado and took some time to visit the Denver Art Museum.


We spent most of our time in the European Impressionism art section and we thought we would share it with you! The European Impressionism art section was undergoing some changes while we visited, so there were only a few pieces of art we could see.

This first one is called Mountain Lake (Eagle Nest) by Ernest L. Blumenstein. Blumenstein loved visiting Eagle Nest Lake and want to capture his first impression of the lake (he called it his “jolt.”)


The next one is called Chilhood Idyll. It was painted by William-Adolphe Bouguereau in 1900.


On our way to some more paintings, Kathleen and I passed two interesting things. One was a display of all these metal hands that I assume have some connection with Raymond T. and Sally C. Duncan.


The next thing was a strange wagon perched on part of the roof on the lower part of the museum. It could be seen out the window in the Pavilion. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s part of the museum or not…


This last painting is really interesting. It’s called Three Fisherman, done my Scott Fraser in 1992. What I find interesting about this painting is the fact that there is a painting within the painting. Oh, and the fish. The fish on the chair is interesting too =).


Well, that’s all for now! There were several other things to see that weren’t affected by the renovations, but we only had a limited amount of time. If you’re ever in the Denver area, I recommend checking it out! Keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen




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