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Visiting the Duquesne Incline

Hey everyone! At last, the Pittsburgh Chronicles are coming to a close :(. I thought we would finish up by telling you about our trip up the Duquesne Incline because you can’t go to Pittsburgh and not ride on one of the inclines.


Sure it’s kind of touristy and only a brief trip, but we still enjoyed it. Of course, putting aside the fact that it was raining and only a handful of people were there. Kath and I like to visit places during the off-season. I mean, Niagara Falls during Thanksgiving, anyone?

Anyway, the Duquesne Incline was built the late 1800s for coal workers at the base of Coal Hill (now part a neighborhood known as Mount Washington.) Before the Incline was built, workers had to pick narrow and steep paths up and down the 400 foot tall hill every day. Makes the morning rush hour seem more manageable, huh :P?

Since the incline was built, workers were free to take the 794 foot ride up the hill at a speed of six miles per hour.

Here’s a picture of the view from the overlook once you get to the top of the hill.
Ooh, I may need to update my desktop picture :)….
In any case, that’s all for now! Kath and I are both taking a little summer time off from the blog, so keep on the lookout for the final post before we hit the road :).
~Elizabeth and Kathleen

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