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Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Art~ Part 2

Hi everyone! As we said in our Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Art~ Part 1 post (whew, that’s a long title), we would have to make more than one blog post, and here’s number 2! Since we’re in the order in which Kathleen and I saw the exhibits, today we get to focus on the dinosaurs!

Like the casts of the statues and architecture, there was no shortage of dinosaur bones, so lets jump right in!
This first one is called a Camarasaurus Ientus. It was the most abundant of all the North American sauropods- sauropods are all those dinosaurs with long necks, long tails, and long legs. This sauropod has a shorter tail and a box-like head that sets it apart from its relatives.
This on is called a Ichthyosaurus, which were water-dwelling reptiles. They were similar to today’s dolphins and porpoises in the fact that they lived in the water, ate smaller marine life, were unable to walk on land, and had to come to the surface to breathe. As you can tell by their skeletal structure, they were pretty similar in psychical appearance as well.
I really found this next scene interesting. It’s of a Dryosaurus (the lighter-colored one) and a Ceretosaurus (the darker-colored one) facing off.
Here’s a Diplodocus skeleton. Outside of the museum, there is a life-size statue of the Diplodocus too.

Here are a couple more pictures. We didn’t get too much information since we were running short of time, but Kathleen did a great job with the camera work!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Last but not least, my favorite picture. It’s of a pair of Tyrannosaurus Rex (rexes?) and above it you can see a Pterodactyl. Its my new desktop picture too :P.
Dino pic 1.PNG
So that’s it for this post! We only scratched the surface of the dinosaur exhibit since there were so many, so this is definitely a place to check out if you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area.
And we’re not done with the museum yet! We’ll have part 3 done soon. There we’ll focus on the paintings that we saw. We saw some Vincent van Gogh paintings… well, that’s for a later post. Keep on the lookout for that!
~Elizabeth and Kathleen

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