Hey everyone! So on Saturday, Kathleen and I went to our local library where they were having a free demonstration on “Zentangle” art.

Zentangle is basically a meditative type of art where you use different lines and shapes to just draw and relax. You use a pen or (fine) permanent marker and don’t worry about messing up. That’s the awesome part about Zentangle. If you make a “mistake” you can just incorporate it into your final product.

Oh, and you don’t know what you final product will look like.

There are loads of books out there if you want to read more full into it (I recommend this one. Its was one of the books they had in the library and it’s chock full of good patterns and advice.)

Actually, its been Kathleen who’s gotten more into it than me. I’ve been working on finals, and she’s been Zentangling :P.DSC00677.JPG




Here’s the one I’ve been able to do.


That’s it! Which one was your favorite? If you guys try out Zentangles, feel free to share them with use via the Contact page. Your art may be featured on the blog! Thanks for reading and keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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