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Homemade Wands

Hey everyone! Kathleen and I are massive Harry Potter fans, and what Harry Potter fan doesn’t own a wand? Well, I do have a wand (purchased online…) but I also have several others that Kathleen and I made ourselves.

Now, they aren’t perfect. When we go camping, we select relatively straight (relatively…) and carve them ourselves with pocket knives. I’m not sure how Mr. Ollivander does it, but our method works pretty well since we’re not mass-producing our wands. We started this last summer and our first wands were a little too short. This was before we started painting a lot, so we just stained and waxed them.


Then, Kathleen decided to go out and purchase a polymer glaze to finish the wands. This was after we started painting, but we didn’t want to take out chances and ruin the good wands we had made, so Kath painted the finish onto her newest, longer wand. It doesn’t look too bad.



Well then just decided to take one of our shorter, poorly made wands and paint it. We painted it black with silver accents. Then, we glazed it with the polymer. It took a couple of days to dry and some of the paint did come off (only a little bit) but it turned out! Yay!


So the last camping trip we went on, we could not find any suitable sticks. It was so annoying. You’d pick up a good stick (only the ones that had  fallen from the trees. Never from the trees themselves,) pare off the outer bark, and the inner bark would be rotten or wet.

Finally though, Kathleen found a good stick and made a wand. We brought the carved wand back home and painted it a dark brown. Kath let me have it, since she already has a pretty good wand herself.


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That’s it. As always tell us what you think in the comments section below and Keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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