Drawing People

Hey everyone! So over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in time to draw (yay!) and I thought I would show you my latest piece of work. I don’t have any step-by-step photos like I did with my Harry Potter drawing, sorry. I just forgot.

So here it is:


I had a lot of fun drawing this because it was a sort of on-the-fly idea. I had a little down time and I wanted to draw something. It took me about five tries to get the face shape right (I don’t draw girls very often.) Also, I usually spend days obsessing over if one small detail is right. For example, I redrew the Left eye (Our left, her right.) at least a dozen times, using Kathleen’s eyes as a model.

On a similar note, how do you guys do art? Do you like just doing quick sketches when you have some time or do you like having a sit-down experience? Let us know down in the comments section and keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen



5 thoughts on “Drawing People

  1. Usually with me, I get obsessed by an idea and cannot focus on anything else until I work it out. Currently I am obsessed with knitting argyle socks. I had to work out the pattern, do research on various technical details–do I knit them flat (traditional way) or do I knit in the round. Then I consider the esthetics– What color pattern will look best? How do I do the single lines that criss-cross- knit them in or embroider them later? I am now knitting a proto-type to work out the technical details. this is like doing a sketch before painting. I worked until 1 AM the other night because I just couldn’t stop.

    The main project will be to knit kilt hose for GP. K. to go with his future kilt. That will be another project. I am in contact with a Master Kilt Maker in Perth, Scotland and we are working out an online curriculum so she can teach kilt-making virtually to the international community.

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    1. That’s awesome! I find that working late into the night gets my creative juices flowing more so than working in the day does. Its so cool that you’re talking with a kilt maker. Keep us posted on how that goes :).

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      1. I think the mind floats at night when the activities of the day are done and the world is quiet. The subconscious thoughts are able to surface to the conscious and these are the source of creativity.

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