The Lord of the Rings

Hi everyone! I meant to write about this sooner, but forgot, so here we are! I’ve been reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy! Let me tell you, these are not easy reads. I’m a pretty speedy reader myself, and these books take me about to month or two to read each (granted I always set them down about halfway through, pick up a Harry Potter book, then go back to them.)

Prior to purchasing my own set, I checked the same copies out at the library over and over. I’m pretty sure that my final renew count on The Two Towers was at least nine times.

Because I know that I really want to read them over the summer and won’t access to a library since we’ll be traveling, I decided to buy my own set. Now, I’m finicky on how my books look (a weird thing, I know) so I didn’t want to buy the cheap mass-marketed paperback version of the books. I wanted the hardcover set with a box to go with it.

Conveniently, I found the exact copy that I had been checking out at the library in the exact way I wanted it, so I contacted the seller an bought it the next day. Next came the hardest part. Waiting.

Having returned my Two Towers book to the library after many failed attempts to pick it up again, I had no LoTR material to hold me off until to books came. I waited. I waited. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I waited.

At long last, the books arrived. Minus a small tear in the dust jacket, they were in perfect condition. Now, I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t pick them up the moment they arrived and started to read. No. I had to finish my Harry Potter book. Then I had to find that scrap of paper I wrote the page I left off on it The Two Towers. Finally though, I did pick it up, and it was awesome.

I’m currently about a quarter of the way through Return of the King, so no spoilers (I’m looking at you, comments section.) At this point in the trilogy though, I have to say that Samwise Gamgee is my favorite. I related heavily to Sam when he had to let Bill the pony go in The Fellowship of the Ring.


Like I said previously, these are almost the exact copies of the ones I constantly borrowed from the library. Except for the fact that they’re hardback, they’re identical.


This picture show a little of the tear in the dust jacket, but that minor imperfection doesn’t detract from the quality of the books and, most importantly, the quality of the story. That’s all for now. So, (without giving away spoilers *shifty eyes*) who’s your favorite character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Let us know in the comments section and keep on the lookout for new posts.

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


2 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings

  1. I’ve only read Fellowship, but I’ve seen all the movies, and I absolutely love Sam! But I think Pippin & Merry are my favorites! Or Arwen…or Aragorn. Agh, too many favorites to pick!

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