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The Mandolin Orange Concert

Hey everyone! So Friday night was the Mandolin Orange concert that Elizabeth and I went to. It was sooo long (seriously. We didn’t get back till midnight!), but a ton of fun nonetheless. We unfortunately don’t have any pictures because the lighting wasn’t very good. As always thought, Mandolin Orange performed beautifully and we had good seats so yay! (We do have the pictures of the venue, but we’ll add those later once we fix something.)

Since the venue that Mandolin Orange was performing at-the Weinburg Center, if you were wondering-is really far from where we live, Elizabeth and I camped at about a halfway point in a campground called Artillery Ridge Campground and National Riding Stables in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The campground, as the name suggests, is right in front of a gigantic horse stable. Kath and I had a lot of fun petting the horses that would come up to you at the fence.

Sorry for the short post. We just got back from the whole trip and are kind of tired. The next post will most definitely not be short though. We’re going to an art exhibition at the Dickinson College :D.

That’s all for now! Keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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