Drawing Wolves Part 3

Hey everyone! Remember when Kathleen posted some of my wolf drawings? If you need a refresher (since it was almost three months ago,) click here and here. When I first did those drawings I didn’t know I would have to have three separate posts.

Anyway, my best friend knows I love wolves, so she sent me this amazing portfolio of wolf photographs (thank you!) I’ve been using the pictures as reference photos for my drawings. So, without further ado…..


If you can’t tell, these are a pair of wolf pups. These are just some quick sketches I did a few nights ago.

I also did some wolf drawings in color too, which were really fun. I tried to make a speed drawing of this next one, but it turned out too dark :(.

Wolf drawing.PNG

This is actually one of the few profile wolf drawings I’ve done. I usually do a full face view or a three-fourth view.

I did actually manage to do a pretty good speed-drawing video of this next drawing. Kathleen will probably post it on our YouTube Channel sometime in the next week or so (but that’s optimistic considering we don’t have a set posting schedule on there like we do here.)


I’ve been experimenting with different positions and this is my “first” wolf drawing where I have the mouth open and the tongue out. (I say first in quotes because my brown wolf drawing technically has his mouth open, but its supposed to be somewhat of a snarl.)

That’s it! I feel like I’ve really progressed in the world of wolf drawing since my first one which was pretty mediocre (I’ll update this post with a photo of it once I dig it out of my monstrously messy desk.)

That’s all for now! Keep on the lookout for new posts (and that speed-drawing video:D)

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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