100 visitors!

Hi everybody! Guess who’s lucky today? You are! Boredom reigns supreme today, so I thought I would post something even though technically I don’t have to post today! As I was wonder what I should write about, I was looking at our stats and saw that 100 people have visited our blog! Woo hoo!

Acoustic Painters has only been online for about three months, so Kathleen and I are super happy. I thought I would share with you our blog’s origin story. Here’s it in short:


That’s it. I find that I have bouts of boredom most often in the evening. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean, I have a whole host of things I could do ( like editing my novella…) but I either don’t want to or am procrastinating…

And why? Why procrastinate on something (my novella…) that you’ve been working on for half a decade? And my answer to that is… that is a good question. Anyway, back to our origin story.

I was looking back at some of my drawings and thought how awesome it would be to be able to share them with people. I mean, I thought of maybe selling them on Etsy, but I was too attached, and merely sending photos to my friends and family wasn’t enough. I wanted recognition for the pieces I had done. My mind suddenly caught on the idea of writing a blog.

But how?

I have actually had a blog before this one. It was some writing blog where I posted my latest novel pages on. I used Blogger, and it was private (I started it when I was probably around ten.) Looking back at the works I posted, I’m glad it was private. I mean, the story line is good (its what I’m using now, revised, of course,) just the writing was so bad. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cringe when I read it.

Anyway, I talked to Kathleen about it, and she was really psyched about it. We decided to write it together, since she did a ton of art stuff too. Up until my dad suggested it, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there were other blogging platforms out there besides Blogger. He showed me WordPress and I was stunned. Everything was so simple, so easy.

Now, I’m not trying to discredit Blogger or anything. This is my own personal opinion and I actually know of some really amazing Blogger blogs, I just never grasped that concept. It was just to difficult for me.

Everything was great. I had content, I had my best friend to shoulder some of the labor, I had a platform to use, but I didn’t have the most important part of any blog.

I had no name.

For the life of me, I couldn’t get past this. Nothing seemed to work. Kath is actually the one who created the name, Acoustic Painters. She got the idea from this awesome bluegrass band called Mandolin Orange. I highly highly recommend their music. My personal favorite album of theirs is This Side of Jordan.

This Side of Jordan

We’re actually going to their concert at the end of this month 😀 can’t wait!

Okay, back to the name.

So Kath really liked their play-on-word name (mandarin orange, mandolin orange) and she wanted to do something like that. I just handed her the reins and told her to have at it, because I was clueless.

She chose “Acoustic Painters” because it was similar to “Acrylic Painters” and also because we play a lot of music together. I had no objections to the name, so it stuck.

Thus our journey into the international blogosphere commenced. Kath was actually the one to slow me down because, if I had my way when we first started, there would have been at least ten posts on the first day :P.

That’s our origin story. And if you’re wondering how our usual post sign off, “That’s it! Keep on the lookout for new posts!” came to be, I really couldn’t tell you. I just liked how it sounded and it was a good, consistent way to end our posts.

Holy guacamole. This is our longest post ever. Our post are usually somewhere between 200 and 500 words long. Not this one though. It clocks in at a whopping 753 words (give or take a word. Do the numbers count as words?) Anyway, thanks for reading and putting up with my scatter-brained boredness. Keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


7 thoughts on “100 visitors!

  1. I linked onto Mandolin Orange. I was able to get it through Amazon Prime. I think they are awesome!! Let me know how the concert is.


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