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15 Inches of Snow!?!

Hey everyone! So today I was going to tell you about my first watercolor painting, but that’ll have to wait! Yesterday they were forecasting almost two feet of snow in the upper northern part of the United States, and we were so excited. Actually, they had first foretasted 6 to 8 inches, but the number just kept going up. Kath and I lived in a desert for almost six years and hardly saw any precipitation, so we love snow.

When I woke up this morning, I glanced out the window and saw that the snow had half-buried the large electrical box by my house. The ice-melt that Kathleen put down yesterday to make the driveway easier to shove? Gone. It looks like someone spread icing perfecting flat over the whole street.


Those are our bushes in the front yard. Behind them is our walkway. In front of them is the street.

Kathleen has this balcony outside her window (for decoration only :C) and that’s were I gauge the amount of snow we got.



See the electrical box in the top left-corner of the first photo? Those little bunny-ear antennas are so the snow plow doesn’t hit it when it comes by to clear the streets. Oh, and the communal ice-melt bucket looks like its wearing a little hat :D.


The snow is still coming down, with no signs of relenting. This, in my opinion, is even better than the monster blizzard (dubbed Snowzilla) that hit Virginia when we were living there last year. We were living in an apartment, but the plus was that we had no driveway to shovel!

That’s all for now! Since the snow is still falling, I may update this post throughout the day with some new pictures. Ugh I wonder who’s going to have to shovel the drive first…

Update: The snow still hasn’t stopped. Kath and I went sledding, but unfortunately, the snow is still too fluffy (I learned that the hard way.) We came back inside and had oatmeal, toast, and hot chocolate. Not a bad way to start a snow day :).

Update 2: Remember the bird feeder we got for Christmas? Well, we’ve had a ton of visitors today because all the birds want to get out of the cold. Here’s a pretty red-bellied woodpecker who stopped by.

red-bellied woodpecker.PNG

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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