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The Tree of Life

Hey everyone, as you know, Kathleen and I were in Illinois a few weeks ago (click here and here if you want more details) and we really wanted to paint something about halfway through our trip. Our lovely grandmother supplied us with a canvas each and some acrylic paint and brushes (thank you!) and we got right to work.

But what to paint?

I looked through every “what should I paint” item on Pinterest and even took a few “what should I paint” quiz, but to no avail. I was stumped. Fortunately, a few years previously, I took an art course where I painted the Tree of Life.

Image result for tree of life painting
Tree of Life~ Gustav Klimt

The Tree of Life came about in 1909 but is a painting with such imagination and creativity that it still appears remarkably contemporary even now. The complexity and boldness of the painting makes it instantly recognizable and there are also several versions of it now available as prints, including the original, a detailed version, and also several darkened versions which have also proved popular.

[Image and info courtesy of

Awesome, right? I think my older painting is in a storage bin somewhere in one of my relatives houses (I may dig it out over the summer,) so I decided to do it again.. Sorry I don’t have a step-by-step. Just background to finished product.


Woo hoo! Blue background! Okay, moving on.

Scanned HP002.jpg

As you can see, this is obviously not a replica of the painting. I took some creative liberties and added the bitty little dots in different colors and the cool abstract-esque lines in the soil.

On a different note, humongous thank you to our friend Lucy who was our guest writer for the last post! That Fair Isle sweater looks so nice!

On another different note, Kathleen and I just got Canson Acrylic Paper (if you click the link, we highly recommend watching that attached video. Its interesting. Whoever paints those pears does so very well) and it is uber-cool. We haven’t done any projects on it yet and would love some suggestions.

Leave you ideas, comments, and questions in the comments section and, as always. keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen



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