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Visiting the Illinois State Museum

Hi everyone! We love art. This goes without saying. Kathleen and I were in Illinois last week, and heard that there was an art exhibition at the Illinois State Museum.

Illinois state museum.jpg

There was everything there. From a bunch of framed sketchbook pages to giant canvases painted with tropical birds. My personal favorite section was the oil paint on canvas.

Now, I have never worked with oil paint in my life. All a know about it is it takes ages to dry (which is helpful if you need to touch up, but not really my style,) it ruins your brushes (if you don’t clean your brushes really well with water or turpentine,) and they are amazing when you want to show texture with brush strokes. Seriously, acrylic may be my go-to paint, but I love the texture that oil paints can show.

Image result for chickadee oil painting

[Image courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com/explore/oil-paintings/%5D

This is one of my favorite mini-paintings done in oil. It wasn’t at the exhibition, but doesn’t it look so soft and fuzzy because of the brush strokes?

Anyway, back to the exhibition.

This first piece of art was my absolute favorite.

Leif Erickson Discovers America- Karl Ouden

In person this is a huge piece of art, probably about 6-by-4 feet. It was done with oil paints on canvas. Going back to what I said earlier about oil paints being good for texture, look at this closeup of the sea foam.

Foam closeup diagram.PNG

On to more paintings! Kathleen really liked this next one:

Blossom Time- Joseph Birren

Here are a few more paintings:

Norweigen winter scene.jpg
Norwegian Winter Scene- Karl Ouden

Well, Mr. Ouden is extremely good at scenes with water. More paintings!

Raocky Coast.jpg
Rocky Coast- Oscar Lumby

Can’t you just smell the sea air?

American #18, Carolina Parakeet- Kevin Veara

Interestingly enough, the guy who did this is an esteemed tattoo artist. Go figure. Also, this was done with acrylic paint on panel. Cool, huh? That’s all for now. Tell us which of the featured piece of art was your favorite! We love hearing from you, and as always, keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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