Hanging Art

Hey everyone! We’re super happy today because we just got our new shelves to put our art up on the walls, so today, we’re going to be discussing the different ways to hang art!

If you read our blog often, you know that I prefer painting on canvas board and Kathleen likes stretched canvases. There a few different ways you can hang each.

In my opinion, shelves triumph over all other hanging methods. They can be used for unframed canvas board, stretched canvases, and framed art. The only downside is they leave holes in the walls where you drill in the screws to hold them up (but you can fill those in easily, so I’d hardly call it a downside.)

Here are my new shelves:


Don’t they look perfect? *sighs*

Moving on to Kathleen’s favorite method of hanging, Command Hooks.

(If you’re interested in them for your own home art gallery, click here)

I have to admit, they are pretty good, but they only work for stretched canvases. They’re very hard to see unless you’re looking closely (good for the illusion that the art is hanging unsupported from the wall) and they don’t leave holes in the wall because they use sticky adhesive.

Here’s Kath’s gallery:


Okay, okay. I’ll admit, it looks AMAZING. She has this window on the left side of her desk that helps natural light hit the paintings, making them look even better. Let’s zoom in on the pelican.



Okay, now onto the third and final way we’ve hung out paintings: Mounting putty. It’s one of the worst ways to hang a painting, in our opinion. It keeps the painting on the wall just fine and doesn’t damage the canvases in any way, but there’s a big downside.


When you go to take the artwork off the wall, the putty takes the drywall with it. Now, I realize that this isn’t a huge problem, (you can just paint over it) but it isn’t fun to deal with (unless, say, you’re painting a mural on that wall. Hmm…)

So that’s it! All the ways that we here at Acoustic Painters hang our artwork. If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them with us, we love to hear new ideas!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen



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