Paint techniques

Reusing Old Canvases

Hey everybody! Remember my bird paintings that Elizabeth posted a while ago? Remember the hummingbird one? If you don’t, here it is:


Personally, I didn’t think it’s one of my better paintings, also I needed more canvas, so what did I do? I painted over it! I know, it seems like a felony to paint over one of your masterpieces, but if you really don’t like a painting, painting over it is the best way to recycle it.

So first, I got out Daler Rowney Simply Acrylic White paint, (if you don’t remember, its the same stuff Elizabeth used to touch up her tiger. Full article here) a large brush, and my canvas.


I then squirted the white paint all over my canvas.


And used the big brush to spread it around.



Paint the sides with the white paint and you’re done!


You can add more layers of white paint if you want to get rid of the previous art completely, but I chose to only do one coat to let some of the blue background show though. I think it gives the canvas a more weathered look.

That’s all for now! We love to hearing from you, so leave a comment or two in the comment section and keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


6 thoughts on “Reusing Old Canvases

  1. Kathleen here! Thanks G-MA Kerry! This painting was really hard to give up but it was my least favorite of the paintings I made so it was the obvious choice for me. I messed up on the hummingbird painting as you can see if you look closely at the pictures. I attempted to paint a flower but did not succeed. I ended up painting over it but it was still visible. So I reused the canvas!


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