Painting animals

Painting Rhinos

Hey everyone! So a lot of you suggested we paint an elephant as our next pachyderm painting project. Well, I took that idea into account and decided to paint another large, gray, thick-skinned animal.

[image courtesy of

Image result for real unicorns have curves

That’s right. The word “rhinoceros” comes from the Greek “rhino” (nose) and “ceros” (horn). There are five different species of rhino, the white rhino, the black rhino,  the great one-horned rhino, the Javan rhino, and the Indian rhino. Some rhinos have one horn, while others (like my painting) have two. Because the animals’ horns are used in folk medicine for their supposed healing properties, rhinos have been hunted nearly to extinction. [info courtesy of

Okay, back to painting. As always, I started with the sketch of the painting. (Also, if you’re curious, my painting is of a white rhino!)


Then, I began with the subject (in this case, the sketched rhino.) I painted the entire body (avoiding the eye) with a medium-dark gray.


After that, I added more detail with darker gray and white. I also filled in the eye.


To finish it off, I painted the background a mixture of bottle green, pale green, yellow ocher, brown, and burnt sienna. I made the grass around the rhino’s mouth noticeable so you could tell he was eating.


That’s it! This guy was done on a 11-by-14 canvas board. As always, leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section! Keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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