Making a Shark Tooth Necklace

Hi everyone! This is a little deviation from the average, but Kath had a craft in mind and we thought we would share it with you.

So last year, we went on a vacation to a place called the James River House.

2016-03-23 11.33.10.jpg

If you don’t know, part of the James River is fed by the ocean. Sharks sometimes swim to the James River via the Atlantic Ocean. Usually, these are bull sharks, but sometimes, parts of great white sharks make it to the James River. These parts are the teeth.Other teeth include Mako and Megalodon teeth*.

*Megalodons are an extinct species of sharks that lived about 2.6 million years ago.

Info courtesy of http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-shark-that-will-give-you-more-nightmares-than-jaws-42721090/

Anyway, these we found all of these different kinds of teeth washed up on the beach of the James River. When we took them home, we were wondering what we could do with them. (Kath found most of them. I only found one :C)

Kath came up with the idea to make necklaces out them! So today, we’re going to show you how to make shark tooth necklaces. (And, if you don’t happen to have a plethora of shark teeth at your disposal, you can always purchase some on Amazon or at craft stores.)

Things you’ll need:

  • suede brown or black necklace (or any color really. It’s your choice. Also, make sure it has a clasp on the end)
  • thin jewelry wire (again, thickness of wire is your preference. We used 1/4 wire, I think)
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors or jewelry pliers
  • Shark teeth

Step 1: Cut about 30 cm of jewelry wire out. This is just an estimate depending on the size of your shark tooth. It’s better to have more than less.

Step 2: Twist the wire around the shark tooth. A good way to do it is to put the tooth (in this case, great white) in the middle of the jewelry wire and bring both side up the front then twist according to the picture. Bring the wire back down and repeat a few times.

Step 3:With the left over wire, twist it until you get to the end of the wire. (If the wire is still really long, feel free to cut some off.)


Step 4:  Slide jump ring onto your suede necklace.


Step 5: Slide the jump ring (still attached to your necklace) onto the twisted wire from step 3.


Step 6: Then push the wire under the other twists on the shark tooth.


Step 7: Repeat step 6 two more times (or until it’s secure), then cut the remaining wire. If there is any wire sticking out, press it down so it doesn’t cut you.


Safety Note: When cutting the wire, keep it away from your eyes. The wire may spring back when it’s cut.

And we’re done!


Making these necklaces is super fun! We hope you enjoyed it!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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