Painting animals

Painting Animals

Hey everyone! We’ve had animals on the brain for the last week. Animals are much easier to paint than people in our opinion, so we’ve been doing a lot of them. Kath recently finished two amazing paintings. One is a pelican, and the other is a tiger.



Both of these guys were done with acrylic paints.

Wanting to live up to Kath’s epic artwork, I did my own exotic animal painting. Da da da! Behold, my zebra:


Isn’t he cute? Anyway, this painting was done on canvas board. I actually prefer canvas board to stretched canvas because it’s easier to draw on. Kathleen loves to paint on stretched canvas, so together we cover two main painting surfaces.

I have two more paintings currently in production. I won’t hint what they are yet, but if you want to leave your guesses in the comments section, feel free.

Kath has one more painting in production (she’s almost out of stretched canvas, so we have to go back to the store soon, even though we went last weekend.)

We’ll post each stage of our next three paintings as they progress. Keep on the lookout for new posts!

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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