Drawing Wolves Part 1

Hi everyone! So before we started this blog, Elizabeth drew. A lot. Her favorite animals are wolves, so we surprised her with a trip to a wolf sanctuary for her birthday. She took loads of pictures and bought special pictures from the sanctuary. When we got home, she spent days drawing the pictures with pencils. Here are a few of them.



These were done with drawing pencil ranging from 5H to 6B and they were colored with generic colored pencils. What Elizabeth did is she took the pictures on her phone, so they were about the size of two postage stamps. She zoomed in on specific parts when she needed to so she could get them just right.

Moving off the topic of drawing, the Wolf Sanctuary of PA is an amazing place. They don’t just take in wolves, but also wolf-dog hybrids who were either put in shelters or surrendered by their owners.

Link to site: https://wolfsanctuarypa.org/

~Elizabeth and Kathleen


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