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5 Ways to Keep Making Art While Travelling!

Hey everyone! So Kathleen and I are in the middle of a trip across the country (while I write this, I’m sitting at the small dinette in our motor home). Last summer when we were travelling, I decided to take a few weeks off from blogged. Unfortunately, it was hard to get back into the… Continue reading 5 Ways to Keep Making Art While Travelling!


The Most Expensive Crayons Ever?!

Hey everyone! So a couple of weeks ago, Kathleen and I visited our aunt’s house. While we were there, she gave a tackle box filled with different art supplies. Kathleen and I were going through it yesterday and found some interesting stuff. Some charcoal pencils, palette knives, and a tin of ten Caran D’ache Neocolor… Continue reading The Most Expensive Crayons Ever?!

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My First Marker Drawing! (Ft. Caiman Eye)

Hey everyone! So last week, I shared with you my review of my new Ohuhu alcohol-based markers. (Click here if you didn’t get a chance to read it.) This week, I decided to try my hand at making a full-sized art piece with my markers. Since getting the markers, I’ve made 5-10 mini-drawings in my… Continue reading My First Marker Drawing! (Ft. Caiman Eye)

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The CHEAPEST Alcohol-Based Markers! (Ohuhu Marker Review)

Hey everyone! So, Copic Markers. If you’ve done some poking around the visual art culture of the internet, you’ve undoubtedly come across these expensive little white cylinders of amazing blendable ink. They’re up there with Faber-Castell, Prismacolor, and Winsor-Newton in the world of wallet-busting, excruciatingly expensive art supplies. If you haven’t heard of Copics, they’re… Continue reading The CHEAPEST Alcohol-Based Markers! (Ohuhu Marker Review)

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Going to see WICKED!!!

Hey everyone! Ever since I’ve gotten into Broadway music, I’ve looked into seeing shows. Kathleen and I have been really fortunate to be able to see both The Sound of Music and Phantom of the Opera at the Schuster Performing Arts Center. One of the Broadway shows we’ve been dying to see, however, is Wicked. Back in November, I began… Continue reading Going to see WICKED!!!

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Happy Belated Mothers’ Day!

Hey everyone! I wanted to put this out yesterday (y’know on actual Mothers’ Day,) but Kathleen and I were on the road for about five hours and I ended up forgetting to post. I didn’t, however, forget to give my mom something for Mothers’ day and neither did Kath. I chose to do a drawing… Continue reading Happy Belated Mothers’ Day!